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Digital Storytelling Project


The Digital Story Telling (DST) Project is a child and youth self advocacy campaign project that seeks to empower the vulnerable and marginalized youth in Nairobi to effect improvements in their communities.  The project targeted young people, who were trained on how to write stories, take pictures and post the information on blogs thus sharing their stories to a large global advocacy network.

The curriculum helps the students to learn:-

·         Basic computer skills

·         Information gathering and processing skills

·         Photography skills

·         Autography skills

·         Blogging and internet skills

Their blogs cover a range of issues affecting them individually and the society at large. They have written articles on family issues, child labor, drug abuse, the cruel street life, environmental degradation and impact of post-election violence.

Two youth facilitators of the projects who were older students of the project were trained to the level where they are able to train others and to post the stories and pictures into the blogs and have been training our students well.