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Deaf child and youth project.

dbooksUndugu's vision advocates for a just, socially and economically empowered society where every person has access to decent livelihood, contributes to the socio –economic empowerment of children and youth with disabilities and their families in general. It is with this vision that the Deaf Child and Youth project titled "Breaking the cycle of poverty for deaf children and young people in the slums of Nairobi and Kisumu in Kenya" was initiated. The aim of this project is to improve the socio-economic situation for deaf children and youths and their parents/ caregivers in the slums of Nairobi and Kisumu.
Education is upheld through provision of education services in units for the Deaf in various mainstream schools. This has been realized through lobbying for establishment of Deaf units and deployment of TSC teachers by the government in different schools. Currently, the project has three units for the Deaf in Daniel Comboni -Korogocho, Wangu -Dandora and Martin Luther -along Jogoo road. Through collaboration with the City Education department, Educational Assessment Resource Centres (EARCs) and other likeminded relevant stakeholders, hearing assessment, provision of hearing aids and placement of the Deaf children in schools is provided to project beneficiaries.
Trade choosing workshops are conducted for the Deaf youth who are past the school going age and have expressed the interest in pursuing vocational skills training. In this case, the Deaf youth supported through skills training such as carpentry, tailoring and masonry among others. This means of ensuring that the Deaf youth explore their capabilities and become economically independent. Capacity building for the Deaf children and youth and their families is promoated weekly through Kenya sign language (KSL) training to enhance their communication, social skills and full development.
Family therapy is done by the team to promote better relationships in the family and allow deaf children and families live in a conducive environment that is free from violence. Monthly parents meetings provide a platform for the parents to share information and learn from each other. The Young Deaf Advocacy Group run by the Deaf youth was formed to provide a forum where deaf youth can discuss issues affecting them and recommend solutions. Strategic engagement with the media, relevant stakeholders plays a great role in realization of our vision.