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Results Based Management

Undugu seeks to adopt the most harmonized yet flexible combinations of interventions that are most likely to bring desirable results and promote sustainability of benefits from this strategic plan.

With this strategic plan, Undugu seeks to fully adopt and institutionalize a Results Based Approach to its planning and execution of programs and activities as the centre pin of its strategy. Results will be clearly defined for all programs and levels, using key performance indicators.

In order to track performance for all programs and collect, record and analyze objective performance data, Undugu will develop an organization-wide performance monitoring plan as an integral part of its Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting system. The performance monitoring plan will provide for definition and collection of objective baseline data, regular reviews and appraisals and revision of specific aspects of strategy where need arises. All programs will routinely collect, analyze and report on performance data on a regular and consistent basis. Team participation will be a valued component of this strategy. On an annual basis, there shall be a comprehensive performance evaluation, which will involve a critical review of all strategies in use over the preceding implementation year.