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Association Exchange Visit

From the time Undugu came into existence back in 1976, it has helped transform thousands and thousands of street children's lives to respectable, honest and dutiful citizens of this country.


Last week, Undugu conducted various activities within the associations it works with. They organized an exchange visit between Vision Sisters Association based at K.C.C. and Golden Girls Self help Group based in Pumwani. They learned various skills on how they can boost their group earnings through making good use of their talents. We also featured some members of Sisters of Vision who run their businesses together with Port-more Association based in Donholm who bought a pump machine through their savings and now they are able to wash vehicles as well as clean carpets in the neighborhood at a fee, besides the poultry, plastic and garbage collection businesses they do respectively. This has enabled Undugu prevent children and youths from taking back to the street after rehabilitation exercise.