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UBEU,Kibera benefits from Tusome program

With Over 5 million Kenyan children having benefitted from Tusome Early Grade Reading Program, Undugu Basic Education Unit in Kibera is happy having been amongst the few selected non formal schools to participate in this program which targets class 1 and 2 respectively. For UBEU, our targets are phase 1 and 2.

Tusome which means,’ Let’s Read,’ in Kiswahili, is a nationwide program that will improve the learning outcomes of 5.4 million pupils in class 1 and 2 while for Undugu, phase 1 and 2 by providing them with textbooks and other developmental reading materials.

Our learners from Ubeu have this program as a lesson on a daily basis where they are taught how to read both Kiswahili and English books. This has helped learners improve in their languages unlike before where they would mix mother tongue with the 2 languages, they are able to express themselves, last but not the least, they have improved in other subjects since now they are able to comprehend what is taught by the teacher in English, hence, boosting their class performance.


'We are happy for the learners who might have not gotten a chance to step into a nursery school, will now get a chance to be almost at the same pace with those who got an opportunity to join a nursery school,' says Miriam Mutungi, phase 1 class teacher.


She added, learners now feel at ease to mingle with learners from formal schools since they can express themselves confidently and this is a good move, since tusome has helped in buiding their self esteem. Most importantly, with time, they will become book lovers for they have started developing a passion for reading story books.


'Who knows how many authors Undugu will produce from this school in the near future?' Paused Mutungi.