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Dear colleagues in the children’s sector,

Launch of Reintegration Guidelines – developed by Family for Every Child

Undugu Society of Kenya is pleased to share with you all the attached guidelines on the reintegration back to society, of children living on their own due to migration, rescued from street life or living in institutional care or subjected to violence and abuse, among other vulnerable situations. Undugu Society of Kenya is a member of Family for Every Child, which is an international alliance of 26 organizations drawn from 25 countries globally, including Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, Guyana, Egypt, Brazil, Rwanda, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Cambodia, Turkey, Colombia, Guatemala, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica and Philippines. As national Civil Society Organizations in this alliance, we work together to improve the lives of vulnerable children around the world.

The guidelines we are circulating were developed by a core group of 14 agencies led by the Family for Every Child Secretariat, and Undugu Society of Kenya is one of the organizations that have endorsed the document, having contributed to its review and finalization. The guidelines resonate with Family for Every Child’s Vision of a world where every child grows up in a safe supportive family environment, free from violence.


We hope you will enjoy using the guidelines and in turn circulate it widely to your other networks.

Best wishes from,

Celina Ogutu

Executive Director

Undugu Society of Kenya


Launch of the Guidelines on Children’s Reintegration

Koos' Visit To Undugu Society Of Kenya field Report 2013

this report is  by a visitor that USK hosted mid 2013, from one of the donor groups called Undugu Vriendenkring Nederlands (UVN). UVN is in the dutch language, meaning “Undugu Friends’ Circle Netherlands”. Undugu has three friends’ circles: one in The Netherlands, one in Germany and one in Kenya. The visitor’s name is Koos de Vetten and he is a member of UVN.

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