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Undugu Friends Circle

The Undugu Friends’ Circle networks are made up of individuals who are familiar with the work of the organisation and would like to contribute to it either through exchange of ideas, fund raising, or offering professional service. The networks are therefore useful forums through which the organisation tests new ideas and mobilises resources.

Citizens of Germany and Holland are encouraged to register in their respective countries using the addresses below, while those of Kenya and in other countries of the world can register through the Kenyan network. Annual subscription fee is Kenya Shillings 500 or its equivalent in other currencies.

By becoming a member of the Undugu Friends’ Circle network, you get a chance to be involved in the process of finding solutions to the numerous development issues, in particular, the issue of street children and other vulnerable children and youth in need of special protection and care. Please fill in the coupon below and send it back with your membership fee to the Network in Kenya.


Download the registration form here---