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Frequently Asked Question About USK


1. Why don’t we support youths with college education scholarship?

Ans. We currently do have sufficient funds to support college Education but have always linked beneficiaries to agencies that offer scholarships such CDF, Banks etc.


2. Why is Undugu covering only specific areas such as Nairobi, Machakos and Kisumu?

Ans. Our capacity (Financial and staff) can only cover specified areas. With additional resources we would be willing to expand to other areas. We have established structures in the three locations


3. Why aren’t we supporting youths aged 35 and above in skills training?

Ans. They are beyond our target group which ranges between 15 to 22 years


4. Why don’t we set up centre based training?

Ans. USK deals with youth who may have had the chance to further their education and more often trained on practical lessons. The centre based training theoretical and requires higher level of education that majority of our beneficiaries do not have. We believe in training b doing and the centre based training might that offer that opportunity.