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So proud of Tujikuze Association

So awesome! Tujikuze Buru Association members have been given a contract by the National Govt. Constituency Devt. Fund through Embakasi West Constituency to do Gardening and Landscaping at one of the Govt. schools by the name Nairobi River Primary Sch.,Buruburu.

The Association having been involved in taking care of the environment from the time we started engaging them, they have always been carrying out clean up exercise within the slums on a monthly basis at no cost besides the garbage collection they normally do at a small fee on a weekly basis.

With the challenges they are experiencing in garbage collection business, that is, bags for collecting garbage have become expensive together with hiring a lorry to dispose off the garbage, so the Association members intend to start recycling garbage in order to produce charcoal for sale.
For them to make this dream a reality, they need ksh. 200,000 to purchase a machine but at the moment, they want to do it manually as they source for funds.

Let us make the dream of our Youth come true by supporting them!!!