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UBEU Bi-Annual Campaign

Undugu Society of Kenya held a Bi-Annual campaign that involved Child Ambassadors who are parents to Undugu Basic Education Unit learners. They walked door to door trying to identify the ills facing the area they come from plus encouraging the parents on the need to report such matters to the police. They also urged the parents to take their children to school so as to do away with issues of child labor that is rampant in the society as well as prevent children from joining street life.

Besides child labor and school drop outs, they also noted that sodomy, alcoholism, rape, crime, drug abuse, corruption and tribalism are wide spread in the area but people resort to silence for fear of being victimized.


Later, they were addressed by senior chief of Pumwani, David Maimula, Uwezo Fund Representative Feiswal Maina as well as CDF Representative, Theresa Thuo. They were taught on how they can access funds from the government for economic growth.